• After School Tutoring

    After School Tutoring

    Our after school tutoring and homework help program ensures the low-income student is provided the necessary tools and skills needed to achieve academic success.
  • Hands-on Learning (cropped)

    Hands-on Learning

    Our “Hands-On” approach to teaching ensures that our tutoring assists all types of learners. Manipulation and experiential learning gives children a reference for importance of material.
  • Fieldtrips

    Field Trips

    At Kids-U, field trips are the most favorite summer activity. Our goal is to take these students out of their home community to explore the opportunities in the bigger world around them.
  • Listening Reading Centers

    Library Zone

    Students enjoy the library/listening center zone.
  • Adult Learning

    Adult Education

    During non-student hours our Kids-U sites are used as adult education centers providing ESL courses; GED preparedness, Positive Parenting Workshops, Financial Literacy and Computer Literacy Centers.
  • Technology Centers

    Activity Zones

    At Kids-U students have the opportunity to make choices to work in “activity zones”. These zones include: technology zone, art zone, library & listening zone, and the gaming zone.
  • Summer Enrichment Camps (cropped)

    Summer Enrichment Camps

    Our summer camps provide high quality out-of-school time programming focused on having fun and preventing “learning loss” for the low-income students we serve.
  • Assisting the Community  (cropped)

    Assisting the Community

    Our programs reach beyond the child to assist the community in preventing crime through Crime Watch programs and events.

We are excited to announce Kids-U has been selected to be the beneficiary of Dessert First 2016 by the Altrusa International Inc. Downtown Dallas Chapter.  More information coming soon!


A Little About Us…


Kids-U, formally known as Dallas Community Lighthouse, is a 501c3 nonprofit which was founded in November 2002 to address one of the most profound problems in Dallas: children not completing their education.

Kids-U is a free after school tutoring program set up on-site in low-income apartment communities. Our goal is to provide pathways out of poverty for the students who are most at-risk of not completing their education by providing tutoring in the core learning subjects of math, language arts and reading.

At Kids-U we believe in being better than the rest… we are innovators plus educators with a targeted precise goal of ensuring our children/students are successful.

We believe in focusing on the whole child. Our programming doesn’t stop at the schoolhouse, playground or street corner. We have developed innovative leading educational programs that extend from the child’s home, to the school and then into the community where the child resides.

At Kids-U we actually move our tutoring program into the apartment community. Our students “come home” to Kids-U after a long day at school. Our unique curriculum and our low staff to child ratios are what set our program apart from other after school programs.

Providing our programs in low-income apartment communities ensures that our program services are directed at those students who are most at risk of not completing their education and whose families cannot afford to provide tutoring resources.

  • “The academic achievement gap between poor and non-poor students is well-known. Low-income children consistently fall behind their peers in test scores, graduation rates, college enrollment, and other measures of academic success (cbpp.org).”